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BeAbove and WestCOP Joint Press Release October 4th, 2021

Contact Information:

Awardee Agency: Malikka Karteron 917-717-1381 and Diane Santana 937-551-1227

Incumbent Agency: Janette Gonzales (914)592-5600 x116 or Nurys Polanco (914)592-5600 x109


(Peekskill, Hartsdale, and, Brewster)


The Office of Head Start, through the Designation Renewal System (DRS), has named B’Above to provide services within Peekskill, Hartsdale, and Brewster. The administration of the program will be the responsibility of B’Above.

Message from Awardee

B’Above has been providing Head Start services for over twenty (20) years. B’Above is excited about the opportunity to serve the children and families in Peekskill, Hartsdale, and Brewster. B’Above will continue the “continuity of care” and provide Early Head Start (EHS) and Head Start (HS) services to the children and families throughout the counties of Putnam and Westchester (service areas: Peekskill, Hartsdale, and Brewster). B’Above looks forward to forging a partnership with the children and families; and providing a strong foundation for the children and families we serve. It has been a pleasure working with WestCOP in this transition process. We thank them for their four decades of service and wish them continued success.

Message from Incumbent

Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc. (WestCOP) had the privilege to serve the children and families for over four decades and know that we have made a positive contribution to the children and families in our community. We are confident that B’Above will continue to provide important, and quality Head Start and Early Head Start services. We offer them our best wishes for success.

Joint statement:

Both we at WestCOP and B’Above are committed to a seamless transition and continuity of services. We want to assure the community that Head Start/Early Head Start services will continue in our community.

In the next weeks, WestCOP and B'Above will notify the families and the community regarding next steps. It is important to both agencies that the community is informed.

BeAbove & WestCOP Joint Press Release October 4, 2021
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