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Filing For Unemployment


- DOL URGES NEW YORKERS TO USE THE NEW ONLINE SYSTEM (, which can handle most applications from start to finish, dramatically reducing the number of New Yorkers who must speak to a claims specialist on the phone.

- IF YOU HAVE BEGUN BUT NOT YET COMPLETED FILING a claim, DOL advises that their claims specialists will call applicants to complete their claims; applicants should stay close to their phones, expect a call from any number/ blocked number, and be ready to answer calls.

How would you know it is not a scam call? Perhaps leave at first paragraph. The second/third paragraphs are on the website.

- IF YOU HAVE NOT YET FILED a claim, will direct you to the new, streamlined system. These instructions apply to all workers who may be eligible for unemployment benefits, including those not traditionally covered by these benefits. When workers’ claims are approved they will receive benefits backdated to their first day of unemployment.

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