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Our Mission

Our mission at BeAbove is to create a comprehensive, multicultural service agency that guarantees satisfaction and is consistently responsive to the needs of our children, families, and community. This is to be carried out regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or disability.


Our Philosophy

BeAbove provides a safe, healthy learning environment that stimulates curiosity and joy in learning.  BeAbove believes that children’s play provides the foundation for academic learning (“Children learn best through play”). Play is the “work” of young children. The philosophy that guides the program is that young children learn best by doing and that parents are children’s primary teachers. 

  • “We” believe that parents and teachers must work together in order to support the development of young children.

  • “We” believe that learning is not simply repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in. 


To provide children with these experiences we provide the necessary enrichment materials and environment to foster their learning in school and at home.

Our Program Goals

At BeAbove our goal is to provide learning environments that have materials and space that afford children with a safe and healthy place for hands-on learning and exploration.  Teachers and staff focus on creating a quality early childhood education program that focuses on both process and structure.


  • Preparing children for kindergarten and future experiences by helping them to become independent, responsible, confident and ready for “school success”

  • Supporting parents as the primary teachers of their children

  • Promoting children’s health and well-being through comprehensive assessment(s) and services and ensuring their safety through adherence to safety standards and procedures (compliance with all City, State, and Federal Regulations)

  • Providing comprehensive services to help parents better help their children grow and develop (understand “age appropriate” – developmental milestones)

  • Providing on-going monitoring that assures that teachers have the tools and support necessary to meet each child’s needs

  • Teachers create a classroom flow that supports smooth transitions throughout the day

  • Family Involvement - programs invite families to be part of their children’s learning and development; in school and at home (“Home-School Connection)

  • Family-style meals - where children are encouraged to share.  Family Style Meals help children develop their social, physical, cognitive and creative skills.

  • Develop intensive staff training programs that provide staff members with hands-on learning directly related to their positions

  • On-going child development assessments – formal assessment conducted three (3) times a year

  • Automating all agency wide communication and database management systems.

  • Provide policies and procedures that clearly outline program operations, and expectations of all staff and parents.


Our Locations

1810 Davidson Ave

Bronx, NY 10453

(718) 299-0399 x101

Director: Jylynthia Cambridge

771 E 49th St

Brooklyn, NY 11203

(718) 451-1126

Director: Latanya Rodgers-McClymont

799 Kent Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11205

(718) 658-3030

Director: Esther Prus

570 Crown Street

Brooklyn, NY 11213

(718) 774-4131 x101

Director: Zlata Margolin

1462 62nd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 438-0060

Director: Leah Lev

1535 63rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 471-0234

Director: Perel Spitzer

1523 58th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 871-0205

Director: Etty Helfgot

189-26 Linden Blvd

St Albans, NY 11412

(718) 978-0400

Director: Tammie Lacewell-Robinson

137-37 Farmers Blvd

Jamaica, NY 11434

(718) 528-8751

Director: April Patterson

15-26 Central Ave

Far Rockaway, NY 11691

(718) 471-2029

Director: Shoshoni Fulcher

86-25 162nd Street

Jamaica, NY 11432

(718) 297-6767

Director: Joanie Lawless

35-01 24th Street

Long Island City, NY 11106

(718) 707-0501





134-11 Kew Gardens Rd, Richmond Hill, NY 11418, USA

(718) 805-2252

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